Medical Fitness Training

Lisa Dougherty is a Medical Fitness Specialist who helps clients make a transition from medical management and/or physical therapy to a regular physical activity program following a surgery, an injury, a medical diagnosis or exacerbation of a pre-existing condition. As a medical fitness professional, Lisa will provide a safe and effective bridge for a patient to cross from the structured clinical treatment and/or rehabilitation environment to mainstream exercise programs.

Lisa is committed to helping clients with medical conditions that require special training considerations, such as but not limited to: Alzheimer’s/dementia, arthritis, cancer survivors, CVD, diabetes, disabilities, Fibromyalgia, hip & knee joint replacement, high blood pressure, menopause, orthopedic rehab, osteoporosis, stroke, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Prenatal & Postpartum, respiratory disease, women’s health and visual or hearing impairments.

Before You Begin Training…

All medical/special needs clients must obtain a written medical release from their doctor to be provided to Whole Body Fitness before participation in an exercise program with Whole Body Fitness.

A Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is required for training to continuously monitor your heart rate response to exercise. It will also track calories burned, exercise time, time in zone and much more! It is a great tool to use after your pregnancy. Please ask us how to get one!

One-on-One Private FitnessTraining with Lisa Dougherty
One-on-one single sessions, hourly rate: $100.00

Packages Hourly Rate Savings Prices
10 sessions $85 $150 $850.00
16 sessions $80 $240 $1,280.00
20 sessions $75 $400 $1,500.00

Payments due at time of service. Discounts apply only to packages paid in advance.


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